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CreativeFx is the industry’s best custom window film for commercial and retail environments. Enhance interior glass walls or windows with 100% optically clear film printed with your unique design, privacy patterns or branded graphics.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CreativeFx Custom Window Films?

CreativeFx Custom Window Films is a brand of 100% optically clear, custom-printed architectural glass film. It is primarily for decorative use in interior environments to add privacy, enhance the atmosphere, or reinforce branding elements. Custom effects are created through a process of direct printing different combinations and layers of UV ink to the film.

What are my options for design?

Since the film is custom printed on a project per project basis, the options for design are unlimited. Whether you have print ready artwork to provide, have a vision you’d like us to help recreate, or would like us to help you find that vision, we are ready to help. We have a full staff of graphic designers on hand, that are available to assist as much or as little as needed with the creative process. This is a billable service that is estimated for each project, based on the overall scope of the work.

To ensure a smooth process, if you plan to send in print ready artwork files, please check out our artwork file preparation instruction sheet

What is the ordering process and production timeline?

Quotes are typically provided within 1-2 business days of receiving all the necessary details of your project. After the quote is approved, and payment is collected, an electronic proof will be provided within 2-4 business days.

An optional, but recommended, next step is a physical test print. This is a billable crop of the approved design, on the film, for content and color approval. The production timeline for test prints is 3-5 business days, plus time in transit for shipping.

After we have received approval on either the e-proofs or physical test prints, production of the film is typically 5-7 business days, plus time in transit for shipping.

What is the size of the output?

The film comes on a 60” wide x 150’ long roll. Our max output currently is about 59.5” wide by whatever length is requested. There are however some limitations as to how long we can print in one piece. This is evaluated on a project per project basis. Our team will help guide you through this process.

If a panel is over 60” in both directions, it will be tiled and butt seamed for installation.

How do I install CreativeFx Custom Window Films?

We recommend a professional wet installation process for this permanent adhesive film. Please see the Installation Guide  or watch this video for more specific instructions.

How do I get in contact with you?

If you are inquiring about CreativeFx Custom Window Films for use in your own company or organization, please call Source One Digital at 231-755-0123 to find a dealer near you. Source One Digital is the exclusive manufacturer of CreativeFx Custom Window Films, and they will help you find a dealer closest to you, or assign you to one of their window films experts to get your project started. If you have already carefully measured your interior windows or glass surfaces and would like a quote, please click Request A Quote.

If you are a reseller and seeking wholesale pricing for your customer’s project, or have questions about becoming an authorized CreativeFx Dealer, please call Source One Digital at 231-755-0123 or send us a message on the Contact Us Form (link). Source One Digital is the exclusive manufacturer or CreativeFx Custom Window Films. If you have already carefully measured your interior windows or glass surfaces and would like a quote, please click Request A Quote .

In any case, your CreativeFx expert consultants will walk you through the quoting, ordering, design, and production phases of your project. If needed, they will also help with design ideas, and solutions for unique environments.

Why should I choose film vs. manufactured frosted glass?

The two biggest differences between these options are cost and flexibility. Manufactured frosted glass is permanent, costly and offers little to no opportunities for customization.

Custom window film is semi-permanent, more cost effective and completely customizable. It offers you the opportunity to create a space that is entirely unique to your company.

Its semi-permanence allows it to be removed should you decide to return to clear glass, or if you are interested in updating the design.

Is the film transparent?

The film is 100% optically clear to start, and the ink can be adjusted to offer the exact amount of transparency desired, for your unique environment and lighting.

How much does the film cost?

The film is quoted based on the types of ink used, and the overall square footage of the project. Check out our quote request submission form

How much does it cost to become a dealer?

Becoming a dealer is free. Check out our Dealer Portal for more information.

What are the guidelines for reviewing and inspecting window film on the glass?

The glass with applied film should be viewed at right angles to the glass from the room side, at a distance of no less than 6 feet (2 meters). Viewing should be carried out in natural daylight, not in direct sunlight. The normal vision area should be assessed with the exception of a 2 inch (50mm) wide band around the perimeter of the unit.

The installation would be deemed acceptable if all of the following are unobtrusive (effects during visual cure should be disregarded): Dirt Particles, Hair and Fibers, Adhesive Gels, Fingerprints, Air Bubbles, Water Haze, Scores and Scratches, Film Distortion, Creases, Edge Lift, Nicks and Tears. Inspection may by made within 1 day of installation. Obtrusiveness of blemishes shall be judged by looking through the film installation under lighting conditions described above.

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