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Why Choose CreativeFx Custom Window Films?

CreativeFx Custom Window Films offers the opportunity for complete transformation on any flat glass surface in any interior environment. With 100% optically clear films that are printed in an unlimited array of colors, frosts, patterns, gradients and more, creative visions become reality.

Whether the goal is to create privacy, reinforce your brand graphics, add a decorative element, or all of the above, our team is here to help you through every step of the process.

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Interior Environments

  • Architectural-grade materials
  • 100% optically clear in un-printed areas
  • Completely customizable patterns and gradients
  • Significantly less expensive than manufactured frosted, etched, tinted or stained glass
  • Backed by a five-year warranty

High-Impact Colors and Brand Elements

Striking full-color designs or branding elements are a bold, stylish way to enhance the look of an interior space. From opaque to transparent ink layering techniques, we can create an environment that is completely unique.

Double-sided Photographic Effects

Vibrant, colorful graphics, printed with an inner layer of white ink, are visible on both sides of the glass. This use of custom window films provides multiple audiences the same captivating and powerful views.

Frosted and Privacy Graphics

A timeless choice for interior glass walls and windows, a frosted glass effect is achieved by using varying levels of black or white ink on clear film. Mixing sections of complete transparency with areas that are translucent, the film will add just the right amount of privacy for each space.

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Broaden your offerings and add to your profits! Help your customers enhance their environments with CreativeFx Custom Window Films. CreativeFx Dealers enjoy wholesale pricing, graphic design support, sales and training tools, and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose film vs. manufactured frosted glass?

Frosted window film and frosted glass are both used for decorative and privacy purposes. Both of these products are going to prevent people from seeing into or out of a building or home. The visual effect is also very similar with either option and they both have a clean and professional look that isn’t going to change the look of your space. The biggest difference between the two products is frosted window film allows you more creativity and flexibility, and it can be removed if needed.

How much light does window film block?

Not at all. This is one of the special features of window film. It has been designed to control heat, protect against fading and glare, all without obscuring light and sunshine. You really do get the best of both worlds. Working with professional installers, you can select a film that gives you the level of protection you want while maintaining a livable space.

How easy are window films to install and will it work on my windows?

Yes. Window Films are very easy to install and you’ll be amazed at how well window film can be modified to fit nearly any window. We custom cut each sheet of window film to match the exact size of your window or door. In fact, even on large windows, our measurements and techniques are so precise, there are no visible seams. We can apply window film safely to any type of door or window. This includes single and double hung, bay windows, sliding patio and French door, casement and even storm windows. Really, the list is endless.

How long do window films last?

Most professionally installed Window Film comes with a residential lifetime warranty and 10 year commercial warranty against cracking, peeling, adhesive failure or demetallizing.

Can you install it on double-panes windows & doors?

Yes. Window film can be successfully applied to any modern dual-pane window, including tempered windows and windows with a LOW-E coating.

Is the film transparent?

The amount of transparency is really up to you. Window film comes in an assortment of designs, colors and tints. The options vary according to your needs. Window film can be virtually clear, preserving the view or completely non-transparent for privacy. In most cases, when customers use window film for solar control needs, the film chosen is designed to be optically clear. We like to compare it to the effect of wearing a really great pair of sunglasses. Installed correctly, it becomes virtually unnoticeable but creates amazing results.