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CreativeFx Custom Window Films is a cost effective and simple way to personalize any office or retail environment. Whether you want to make a statement or want something more subtle, there are several ways to add style with CreativeFx.


Patterns, Geometric Shapes, & Linework

For a modern art flair, patterned window film presents a sophisticated and professional appearance, making it ideal for business settings. There’s a myriad of arrangements, forms, and sizes to compose an artistic visual effect. Honeycomb hexagons, grid dots, vines, and waves. Lines can be straight, wavy, zig-zagged, horizontal, or diagonal. Patterns could even include a business’ branding visual elements such as icons, shapes, words, and illustrations.

All can be tailored to effectively conceal the activities within glass-enclosed spaces and infuse a unique style into the environment.


Frosts & Gradients

Traditional design styles for interior glass walls and windows, frosts and gradients are great choices for when you want a certain part of the workplace to be more private while still letting in plenty of natural light. Gradients feature varying degrees of opacity, transitioning from fully opaque to increasingly transparent. There’s also the flexibility to position the opaque part to either at the top or bottom of the glass. Frosted designs have a range of opaqueness, from near see-through to transparent to fully opaque. They can also differ in tones and colors for an etched or stained-glass effect.

Full Color Photography

Imagine stepping into enchanting forest, bringing the serenity of nature right into the workspace. Photographs, sceneries, and murals provide a real WOW factor for front entrances and other interior glass settings. CreativeFx also has the ability for double-sided photographic effects. This means picturesque landscapes and other powerful, captivating views may be visible on both sides of the glass.


When it comes to interior décor, consider exploring custom decorative window film as a captivating option. The choice is yours to sends us finalized artwork or let our designers turn your vision into reality. Want to see some of these styles in action? Check out our Idea Center for inspiration. (Link to Idea Center