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Popular Uses for
Custom Window Films

Create Privacy

An increased use of glass for walls and partitions in commercial office buildings is rising in popularity as a means of bringing in natural light and creating the illusion of larger spaces. By strategically designing and printing low percentages of white and black inks on optically clear film – for full-coverage panels or distraction bands – to block the view through the glass creates different levels of privacy.

  • Block view into private offices and medical examination rooms.
  • Reduce distraction inside meeting rooms and conference spaces.
  • Provide privacy while maintaining openness and light transmission.
  • Save money over manufactured frosted glass panels
  • Decide the exact areas of visibility and non-visibility for each glass surface.

Enhance Interior Environments

CreativeFx uses opaque and transparent ink layering techniques so you can completely imagine or re-imagine each space exactly the way your clients want. Decorative window films transform clear glass into dynamic elements of interior design. Bringing a touch of class, professionalism, personality, visual intrigue, and even entertainment to any room with custom designs, shapes, and patterns.

  • Utilize custom graphics, visual textures, patterns, shapes, etc.
  • Set the tone for the interior atmospheres.
  • Emulate a theme, cultural, or design aesthetic.
  • Create expansive murals with areas of transparency and opacity.
  • Layer inks to create double-sided photographic effects.

Reinforce Branding

Large spans of flat glass are the perfect canvas for CreativeFx Custom Window Films to reinforce a company brand and visual marketing elements. Stand out to customers with creative imagery and other attention-grabbing elements while also offering employees the benefit of working in a unique and attractive environment.

  • Prominently display company logo and proprietary graphics.
  • Integrate related brand elements – taglines, mission, or values statements.
  • Create attractive storefront glass windows, doors, and partitions.
  • Enhance brand recognition and emphasize company culture.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of glass surfaces in retail displays.

Modernize Safety

Safety or security window films are specialty films installed overtop regular glass or certified bulletproof glass. The film itself is not bulletproof but rather adds a layer of protection by holding the fragments together in the event the glass gets broken, both reducing the chance of injury by keeping the glass from shattering and delaying the entry of an intruder.

To avoid or mitigate warranty concerns, security films are typically provided and installed by professional security glass companies. Source One Digital’s film printing specialists then digitally print custom graphics utilizing layers of one color (including white) ink to full color process inks onto the provided film.

  • Give clients and patrons peace of mind.
  • Dress up or add branding to security glass surfaces.
  • Print direct to supplied security films – 4mil, 8mil, and 12mil.
  • Reduce travel and labor costs with one install trip.

Become a CreativeFx Dealer

Broaden your offerings and add to your profits! Help your customers enhance their environments with CreativeFx Custom Window Films. CreativeFx Dealers enjoy wholesale pricing, graphic design support, sales and training tools, and so much more.

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