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For most commercial buildings, large glass windows allow natural daylight to flow inside. For a unique, upscale choice, some businesses incorporate glass walls and dividers to create boundaries and meeting spaces. Then bulky blinds are added to reduce the sun glare. Or expensive glazed and etched glass panels are chosen to add privacy in required spaces. However, there is a better way to optimize glass windows and walls within your business.  

CreativeFx Custom Window Films allow daylight to flow through the office and provide privacy where needed. Even better, it is completely customizable so attention-grabbing and appealing artwork may be included in the design. Let’s dive deeper into the three ways businesses benefit from custom decorative window film. 


Better Brand Visibility 

Whether you’re maintaining a brick-and-mortar business or large corporation, visual marketing and branding efforts are important to consider with your building’s exterior and interior décor. Your business should stand out to customers or clients with logos, creative displays, and other attention-grabbing elements.  

Achieve enhanced brand visibility by utilizing custom printed decorative films. CreativeFx is a versatile solution serving a dual purpose, acting as both eye-catching branding and practical distraction markers on glass surfaces. 

Heighten Aesthetics 

Discover a range of options for a luxurious aesthetic, playful atmosphere, modern environment, or whatever ambience you wish to exude at your property. With an abundance of design choices available, you can enhance the appearance of any location. 

Create Privacy 

Having custom decorative window film not only provides character to your interior décor but it also gives your employees much needed privacy. It helps give a sense of confidentiality when making important phone calls or holding meetings in conference rooms. CreativeFx Custom Window imaging may even be directly applied to security film for an added layer of concealment.  


If you’re interested in CreativeFx for your business, our custom decorative window film experts are here to help! Contact us today to get a clear view of your project. (link to