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Custom privacy films are becoming increasingly popular in commercial buildings and office environments. In newer buildings and renovated spaces, traditional dry-walled offices and conference rooms are being replaced by clear glass enclosures. While this modern look is desirable, business owners are quickly discovering that distraction and privacy become a concern, as productivity is affected.

The emergence of privacy window films has added an entirely new dimension to the look and appeal of these new glass enclosures inside commercial spaces. Plain clear glass affordably transforms into an elevated element of design using custom window film products like CreativeFx.

CreativeFx Custom Window Film is the ideal product to add style and privacy to office windows and glass walls. A designer’s imagination can run wild with CreativeFx, optically clear film custom-printed with full-color process and white inks and opacities from 0-100%. Custom single or double-sided designs can be created to complement an interior design aesthetic and find the perfect balance between contemporary appeal and productivity.

There are various effects graphic artists can integrate as they create window film designs:

  • Frosts & Gradients: using percentages of color, white or black inks from transparent to opaque, visibility through clear glass can be allowed or obstructed within a unique design and create just the right amount of privacy for each space.
  • Custom Patterns & Images: From bold patterns to geometric shapes, windows and glass walls become a canvas for useful and stylish artistic expression.
  • Branding Elements: Company or team colors, icons and logo elements can be utilized to create custom patterns and reinforce branding.

Check out examples of Privacy films in the CreativeFx Idea Center.