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Decorative window film also presents a completely customizable opportunity to introduce safety and security into interior spaces. Safety or security window films are specialized films applied to regular glass or certified bullet proof glass. While the films themselves are not bulletproof, they provide an additional layer of protection by holding the glass together in the event the glass gets broken. This reduces the risk of injury by preventing the glass from shattering and also delays the entry of intruders.

The film printing specialists at our production house – Source One Digital – then digitally prints custom graphics utilizing layers of one color (including white) to full color process inks onto the provided film.

One example of this process is at an Independent Bank branch located in the highly populated city of Grand Rapids, MI.  Independent Bank thought that installing security film on their glass windows would enhance the safety and security of their premises, instilling confidence in customers and employees alike. The added protection provided by the security film helps deter potential criminals, reducing the risk of break-ins and minimizing potential losses, ultimately safeguarding the banks assets and reputation.

  Security Films

  • Give clients and patrons peace of mind.
  • Dress up or add branding to security glass surfaces.
  • Print direct to supplied security films – 4mil, 8mil, and 12mil.
  • Reduce travel and labor costs with one install trip.